Should I Buy A Vintage Engagement Ring?

Jewellery tells remarkable stories. Where a gemstone captures the astrological tales of our birth, a pearl can be gifted to celebrate a long and successful marriage. Then there are heirlooms, such as watches or lockets – these have likely passed through generations in a family, and can transform into a piece of history.

Engagement rings also often come with endearing, memorable stories as they are a symbol of commitment. But the kinds of stories captured in jewellery are only as remarkable as we make them. That’s why we should be selective and thoughtful about buying the rightengagement ring.

Why Choose A Vintage or Antique Engagement Ring?

Buying an engagement ring online, or from a bespoke jeweller in the high-street, can feel like a journey. When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, style and design matter just as much as craftsmanship and your personal preferences. Your ideal engagement ring will likely be the perfect balance of these things, which is why many people choose antiques or vintage pieces.

Timeless design

The attraction of vintage and antique jewellery has little to do with popular fashion trends. Rather, it’s about the exclusive beauty and craftsmanship of each piece. Not forgetting, vintage and antique jewellery is full of mystery and romance too.

Handcrafted luxury

A carefully selected antique or vintage engagement ring represents handcrafted luxury that is both highly wearable and contains quality details, such as precious metals or rare gems.

It’s personal

As a symbol of engagement,your ring is much more than a statement, it’s about your standards for beauty and sense of individuality. Antique jewellery is popular with many brides-to-be because the jewellery pieces seem not only timeless, but exclusive and unique to the wearer.

Are Antique and Vintage Engagement Rings More Expensive?

Vintage jewellery has both enduring charm and economic advantages. Typically, brides are inspired by vintage and antique jewellery for more than just romantic notions, but rather because they’re more affordable and inherit a lasting craftsmanship.

Unlike the modern market, antiques look and feel priceless. When an antique becomes an heirloom it’s because there’s a past that we associate with our jewellery. This brings even more meaning into an engagement ring, especially where it’s been passed along generations of a family.

How Much Is An Old Engagement Ring Worth?

Calculating the potential value of an engagement ring can come down to determining the metal in the band and the price of the stone it’s set in. There’s a prevailing truth that engagement rings can be as valuable as their craftsmanship and stone’s (particularly diamond’s) quality. At The Chelsea Bijouterie, we think an engagement ring’s worth is also revealed in its mysteries, mythology and its history.

The market resale value and availability can influence price both favourably to the ring wearer, or it can work against them. The quality of a diamond will affect its valuation, just as much as the type and condition of the band.

Antiques are more mysterious and their various, sometimes playful, designs can be more valuable to the wearer than the market. This is often why vintage and antique pieces are preferable to, and cheaper than, mass-manufactured jewellery. These can be over-priced simply to flatter popular tastes, trends and styles.

Each ring’s value will be unique. The prices of vintage and antique pieces vary to suit most budgets and stylistic preferences. Fortunately, vintage and antique pieces benefit from not only greater affordability, but also a diversity of choice. Whether this is your first engagement, third wedding, or a striking epiphany that your style has evolved over time, antique and vintage engagement rings cater to a wide spectrum of style and tastes.

The Benefits Of Antique & Vintage Engagement Rings

The interest in alternative engagement rings inspired the jewellery market dramatically, according to Forbes. Antique rings can appearuntraditional yet authentic with diverse styles, gems and colours. Many enjoy the authenticity associated with the more unique designs of the past.

· A Sense of Character

Antique collectors and brides alike are often very familiar with the powerful sense of character enjoyed by these rarer, exclusive gems and bands. It is as if past styles are truly unique. This is a quality often found only in older rings, where modern jewellery is often known for being less experimental.

· Variety  

Craftsmanship can mean many things, from a gem or diamond’s rarity, down to the ring’s unique story and style. This is one the most beloved benefits that attracts brides to preference antique or vintage jewellery.

Whether tastefully Art Deco or a trilogy of diamonds and pearls, antique jewellery has the added lure of coming in a range of diverse styles. Irrespective of the celebration, the wide array of these styles, gemstones, diamond cuts, and finer details presented in antique rings is enough excitement to attract many types of brides.  

· Sustainability

An antique or vintage ring has a sense of sustainability and authenticity that can’t be matched in modern jewellery either, because buying old means recycling a timeless ring. Unlike modern jewellery, the vintage and antique market is celebrated for being wholly sustainable.

Buying A Vintage Or Antique Engagement Ring

1. Consider the stone

Whilst currently the most popular stone, diamonds have not always been the preference for engagement rings. Often, antique and vintage rings will feature softer gems and stones, such as emeralds, opals or even pearls.

2. Check diamond quality

Antique and vintage engagement rings are styled to differing design preferences. Nowadays, the purity of a diamond can guide not only price, but it’s attraction. However, measuring a stone to such high standards was not always achievable to older generations of jewellers, who were not as advanced at understanding a diamond’s purity. This is reflected in the character of each stone, where a gem might be slightly rose or even green. But, this colourfulness has been known to happily attract brides.

3. Request the ring to be verified

Older rings are admired for their everlasting charm and beauty, but a replica or mimicry will easily reveal its poor craftsmanship. To ensure your ring (and its stone) are genuine, request the ring to be verified, especially if it holds a characterful diamond.

4. Be open to what is available

Antique and vintage engagement rings are genuine, but be prepared that the availability of rings from certain eras, or styles, might not always be so easily purchased. Depending on the era, style, and stone, these factors can influence market value and availability.

From vintage diamond to Victorian, there is a range of vintage or antique engagement rings to be discovered online at The Chelsea Bijouterie, including unique gems, metals and styles.