Vintage 0.80 Old Mine Cut & Antique Rose Cut Diamond Trilogy Ring 18ct Gold Victorian Setting


Victorian Old Mine Cut Trilogy Ring

Rose cut diamonds

Hallmarked 18 ct gold Birmingham 2000

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Jewellery Facts 

Carat has two distinct meanings

  Carat can refer to the quality or purity of gold –

pure gold ie  a metal that is 100% gold and nothing else but gold, is known as pure gold or 24 carat gold

So for example with this ring – which is 18 carat ie 18/24s gold or put another way, 18 divided by 24 is 0.750  or 3/4

You may see jewellery marked 0.750 which is a some what modern way of writing 18ct as we say in the UK and 18k as they say in the rest of the world

Secondly carat can refer to the weight of precious stones such as diamonds and sapphires

One carat is 1/5 of a gramme – so 1/2 of a carat is 1/10 of a gramme




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Beautiful 18 Carat yellow gold half hoop diamond ring.

This ring boasts three gorgeous are old Mine cut diamonds that are interspersed with four rose cut diamonds.

The diamonds posses a very special beauty only found in old cut stones.

They are set in an attractive yellow gold claw mount above a pierced fluted gallery.

The central 4.3 mm x 3.8 diamond is flanked by two 3.5 mm diamonds with four 1.7 rose cut diamonds set between them.

Their total weight is about 0.80 carat. However the rose cut diamond make this apear more like one carat.

The diamonds sparkle beautifully.They are clear, bright & extremely fiery.Colour H, Clarity SI

 This a quality ring that weighs 3.5 grams

The Victorian diamonds are mounted in a traditional style new setting & shank fully hallmarked 18 ct gold Birmingham 2000.

It is size Q (UK), 8 1/2 (USA)it would easily re size.

This ring is in excellent condition

It comes in the presentation box illustrated.

This stunning ring looks fabulous when worn.

our ref: 12155