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Victorian 15ct Gold Turquoise Necklace


Victorian 15ct Gold Turquoise Necklace Antique Floral Scroll Necklace circa 1860

This Victorian turquoise necklace is gorgeous.

Hand crafted in 15 carat gold it is designed with four articulated scrolled gold openwork panels

They are beautifully decorated with turquoise forget me knots and naturalistic vine leaves

The flower clusters are set with wonderful sky blue turquoise beads

This is such a pretty necklace that sits so beautifully on the neck

  • The necklace is 15 1/4″ ( 38.5cm ) long
  • Turquoises 3.5mm – 2.5mm
  • Length of two central flower drops 5.5mm (2 1/4″)
  • Weight 14 grams
  • Clasp on chain marked 15ct
  • It dates to around 1860
  • It is in excellent original condition – one turquoise discolored
  • It comes in the presentation box illustrated
  • Our ref : 2084



Turquoise is an amazing and highly valued bluish green mineral. The finest examples of which traditionally came from Persia (Iran). Turquoise comes in shades from “sky blue” to “apple green”, the most valued tint of turquoise is light blue, inclining to light green. Turquoise has been mined in Persia for three thousand years. It is usually cut “en cabochon” or with low convex surfaces, and in the East is frequently engraved with Persian and Arabic inscriptions , generally passages from the Koran. Such objects were worn as amulets. Turquoise has always been associated with curious superstitions , the most common being the notion that it changes colour in sympathy with the wearers mood. Turquoise started to become popular in Europe from 1700 onwards and was much used in the Victorian period. Throughout the Victorian and Edwardian periods turquoise was primarily used in sentimental jewellery and is closely associated with animals and flowers, especially forget-me nots.

Turquoise is believed to have and mystic and psychic properties. The stone is often said to be an efficient healer, providing solace for the spirit and well being for the body. Turquoise is a December birthstone.

Care of your turquoise.

Turquoise is a fairly soft stone 5 -6 on the Mohs scale. So don’t put your turquoise jewellery loose in a box with rough, hard objects such as metals or sapphires and diamonds.You can clean it with a soft tooth brush and warm soapy water.



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