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Antique Butterscotch Amber Necklace Graduated Large Beads


Stunning Baltic amber bead necklace

The graduated natural amber beads are a gorgeous butterscotch orange

Recently individually hand knotted they fasten with a traditional barrel clasp

This wonderful necklace looks fabulous when worn

The necklace is 30″ (76cm ) long
37 amber beads approximately 30mm x 21.5mm (1 1/4″ x 7/8″) granulating to 15mm x 10mm
The beads have typical darker swirls some with quite dark markings others with lighter swirls
Necklace weighs 72 grams
It dates to the 1920/30s
The necklace is in excellent condition.
The beads are well matched – please study my high definition photos
It has recently been restrung (November 2023)
It come in presentation box
Our ref 23228

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    Antique butterscotch baltic necklace large graduated amber beadsĀ 

    Amber : Amber is a type of fossilised resin. This type of sap oozes from cracks in the bark of certain types of coniferous trees. This amber which is used in todays jewellery came from trees which lived millions of years ago. Sometimes as this resin moved very slowly down the trunk of a tree, an insect or something could be engulfed by the sap and is then preserved inside. They say that the best amber comes from the Baltic. Often from the Konigsberg region and on the Lithuanian coastline. Baltic amber is typically yellow and cloudy. It is usually fashioned into round or faceted beads. Amber was popular in art deco jewellery and then a little later by Georg Jensen.

    Taking care of and cleaning your vintage amber butterscotch necklace. Amber needs to be stored in such a way as to avoid scratching or chipping these beads. When not being worn the necklace should be wrapped in a soft cloth or tissue paper and stored in a draw or a box. Once in a while and it you feel the necklace needs it, you could just moisten a clean cloth with warm soapy water and gently clean each bead. Then make sure the beads are dry by wiping off with clean kitchen towel. Then polish with soft cloth.

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