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Victorian Amethyst and Seed Pearl Bracelet


Gorgeous Victorian amethyst & seed pearl bracelet

This bracelet is set with nine fabulous amethysts each circled by beautiful creamy white seed pearls

Crafted in 9ct gold each scalloped edge flower cluster is connected by a chain link

This is such a pretty bracelet that looks stunning when worn

  • This antique bracelet dates to circa 1880
  • The amethysts are 8.5mm x 6.5mm
  • The bracelet is 17.5 cm ( 7″) long.
  • Each cluster is 17mm x 13.5mm
  • Secure box clasp
  • It weighs 27 grams.
  • This bracelet is in excellent condition.
  • It comes in the presentation box illustrated
  • our ref 20158



Amethyst:    Amethyst is the most expensive and the most beautiful member of the quartz family. The colours of amethyst range from deep purple to light to light lavender. Amethyst bead jewellery has been worn by women many thousands of years B.C. It was used by the Greeks and Romans in their intaglio seal stones and ceremonial jewellery. It was favoured by the Church for their bishops’ rings and crosses. In the Victorian period most Amethyst came from Siberia, today it is also mined in Brazil and Uruguay. Amethyst looks particularly fine when mounted in yellow gold and accompanied by pearls. Amethyst was very popular in the 1940s -1950s when it was cut into large rectangular stones which were set into fabulous yellow gold bracelets and brooches. It scores 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. Amethyst is one of the birth stones for February.

Care of your amethyst

It is a fairly durable stone and can be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaning bath, but only at hand warm temperatures. The best way is with a soft tooth brush and warm soapy water.


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